Yankees Hall of Fame writers grapple with Barry Bonds

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Aaron Judge
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Aaron Judge /
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A Naive Man

But, isn’t that the point? That we do not look around, see immorality and injustice, and give in to it? See the biggest cheaters gain the biggest rewards, and begin to think that this is the correct course for the world?

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No, Yankees writers and fans, we have a chance to do better than those who came before us, to make better choices. And to fulfill that most sacred obligation as caretakers of our society: To leave the world a better place than we found it.

I know I want to be a better man. I have tried many times and failed just as often.

But tomorrow I will rise, and try again. I know that some transgressions preclude me from certain honors and recognitions; I will never enter some houses of the holy. However, my character might be covered in scar tissue, but at least I own the wounds.

I will once again try to make better decisions and be the best version of myself because I know it is good for my soul. And good for the soul of my society.

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That, though, has to mean making good choices at all times, in all things. Not just at elections and when you think about cheating on your taxes or your spouse. No, it has to mean in all things great and small as those decisions create the character and fortitude that allow you to make the important ones.

But, Yankees fans, maybe that is all just old fashioned nonsense. Maybe it’s time everyone wised up and gave in to the lesser angels of their natures. I cannot feel the vibe on this one, and cannot read the tea leaves.

I have, perhaps, grown old and blind in your service.