Baseball Reference proves Yankees’ Aaron Judge lives rent free in Boston


Boston rent is supposedly expensive, as far as we’ve been told. It’s like a miniature New York, wracked with $14 cocktails, cobblestone streets, and faux-folksy little hamlets. Luckily, for Yankees star Aaron Judge, he’s managed to take up real estate in Boston completely rent-free, according to Baseball-Reference’s latest research.

Now that he’s been locked down long-term by the Yankees, Judge can own property around Fenway Park rather than even bother renting. Hopefully, that will also come free of charge.

According to BRef’s version of Spotify Wrapped, the New England region was very curious about Judge during the 2022 season, a down year in Beantown spent mostly trying to predict whether the front office would pay to keep Xander Bogaerts (answer: no) and Rafael Devers (answer: TBD).

Judge ends the year with the most-viewed Baseball-Reference page in the state of Massachusetts, which has to sting. He also ended up numero uno in Maine and Rhode Island, as well as Connecticut, the border state between Red Sox Nation and Yankees Universe.

Based on the new data, that border seems to be retreating towards New York.

Baseball Reference shows Red Sox fans can’t stop thinking about Yankees, Aaron Judge

Red Sox fans will probably try to spin this one considering they fooled themselves into genuinely thinking Judge wanted to switch sides and play in Boston for the 2023 season and beyond. They’ll likely say all this Baseball-Reference Googling was done in October and November in an attempt to see whether Judge could fit in their payroll, all because of a few end-of-season interviews where he claimed he enjoyed his time at Fenway. Sure thing.

Judge enjoyed his second home in 2022, hitting .258 with a .410 OBP, .991 OPS and three bombs in eight games, including two in an important late-season win. Typically, he’s struggled against the Sox in the past, but righted the ship a bit in ’22, probably because he was so excited to receive so many “Thinking of You!” cards from the Boston faithful.

Can’t wait for Baseball-Reference Wrapped 2023, when we find out Boston lived on the page full of Harrison Bader’s statistics and constantly plugged the search, “Aaron Judge Teeth How Do I Fix My Own To Look Like King?” into their web browsers.