Red Sox fans taking Aaron Judge’s free agency comments seriously are fools


In typical Bostonian fashion, a Red Sox beat reporter decided to ask Aaron Judge, after the New York Yankees triumphed at Fenway Park, if the star slugger would consider his current team’s most hated rival in free agency if things didn’t work out in the Bronx.

Salient talking point, isn’t it? The Red Sox, largely in shambles and expected to lose a franchise cornerstone in Xander Bogaerts this offseason, continue to plunge closer to “directionless” rather than “contention” despite their 2021 ALCS run (fluke, by the way). No better time to ask arguably the best player in the game if he has his eyes set on a destination that’s been doing its best to tear down a winning roster for two-plus years.

Is it possible? Sure. Judge could spurn the Yankees if disrespected in free agency, which is totally on the table. Are Yankees fans scared of that? Not necessarily. But if it happens, oh boy. Oh. Boy.

Forget that, though. Forget Red Sox fans thinking the world revolves around Boston and “Title Town.” Forget the fact that this reporter clearly tried to drum up controversy by asking a question devoid of context based on what had happened that evening (honestly, it would’ve been better had it been asked earlier in the season).

More importantly, what did you expect Judge to say? Did you expect him to rule out one of the biggest markets in the sport? Did you expect him to say “Oh man, yeah maybe I’ll play for the Red Sox!” to create more nonsensical headlines? Judge’s response to this tactless curveball was par for the course. If Red Sox fans don’t get that, they don’t know Judge … further supporting the fact they deserve nothing.

Red Sox fans taking Aaron Judge’s free agency comments seriously are fools

Why would they know Judge, though? This sports city is consumed with itself. Staring in the mirror and flexing when the times are good and pretending like sports don’t matter when the times are bad. There’s hardly any sports education outside of Beantown. That’s why it’s always “Boston Against the World” for whatever reason — a contrived narrative suggesting they’ve been ruled out since the beginning of time and are out for revenge for being overlooked and disrespected.

So, as expected, anything you see on social media from Red Sox fans suggesting Judge’s comments were anything more than his diplomatic duty with the media is nothing but a troll job — designed to rile up Yankees fans and distract them from 2022’s ultimate goal.

That’s why they tried to downplay the Yankees sweeping the mini series at Fenway. Wins are wins, except when they’re “not that good” according to Red Sox fans! But when Judge makes boilerplate free agency comments? Gospel!

We’ll admit, it’s a clever way to detract from the Red Sox embarrassing themselves with lackluster/foolish/uninspiring play. Always deflecting! Disingenuous way to live.

Judge has answered probably over 100 free agency questions and was unpleasantly pressed at the All-Star Game about it all. He’s answered every question nearly identically. Red Sox fans wouldn’t know, though. They don’t follow anything that doesn’t pertain to their team. That’s why they managed to make this a “thing.”