Yankees Hall of Fame writers grapple with Barry Bonds

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Aaron Judge
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Aaron Judge /
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I’m Talking to You

For many of those, however, even they cannot escape the three am reckoning. It’s the time when there are no more distractions, and you come face to face with yourself. And the man you always wanted to be.

You know then, without ever saying it out loud, the things you wished you’d done right that day, but didn’t. And you admit you knew it then, even as you made decisions the type of which you knew your mother would not have approved.

But you quickly dismiss that slight gnawing feeling in your gut and go back to sleep, already hoping to be placed in some morally compromising position the next day, so that you can give in.

And that’s because you live in the tangible world, where the effects of your decisions are evident at hand. Things seem to be working out pretty good, don’t they? You’re a sportswriter and have been for a long time.

Maybe, standing as you are in our shared moral morass of a world, all that really matters is the play on the field. Morarilty? That’s an outdated concept, and nothing to do with baseball. Or me.

Next time, though, before you fall back to sleep, think of sailors. They, too, can find themselves adrift in the dark, and unsure what to do. But they know that although they cannot see true North, their compass can. So can yours.

And before you fall back asleep, repeat this simple phrase: Act as if you have faith, and faith will be granted to you. Act…as if you have faith…and faith…will be granted to you.

Because we can’t change the world, we live in. It was given to us by those who made decisions before us, and now we must make the best of it we can.