Yankees Pitching And Looking for Answers: Isn’t Everyone?

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The theme for the Yankees this season in all probability is going to be can the Yankees pitching staff get it going, and if so, when?

The Yankees pitching rotation has the experience, but has the experience become expired? CC Sabathia has his downside, working with Andy Pettite learning command over velocity after being a fire-baller for so long has helped Sabathia to get his earned run average back down.

The problem is that Sabathia has not performed at the level the Yankees need which could lead to problems down the stretch. After today’s performance let’s hope Sabathia does have the answer or that the Yankees hitting is so good that the pitching becomes obsolete.

Masahiro Tanaka has been the bright spot for the Yankees for the past few seasons and one of the better starters in the rotation, today was not his day, the question is how long until this year is not his year?

Hopefully, as the year progresses this is just a blip in his statistics, but facing the Tampa Bay Rays is not that big of a job, Boston, Baltimore, and Toronto, all better hitters, what is left to come for Tanaka. Maybe he will pitch better throughout the rest of the season, and as the games get bigger, he will rise to the occasion.

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Michael Pineda had a shaky season last year, so hopefully, with his pine tar incident behind him, he can have a full season and begin to perform at the level the Yankees were looking for when they signed him from Seattle.

Pineda is facing Cobb in what hopes to be the rubber match for the Yankees, but going for the sweep is the hope for the Rays.

Somehow the organization came back to starting Luis Severino, so the Yankees are hoping that this season is nowhere close to last season as Severino did not win a game as a starter.

His stint in the bullpen should have woke him up a little and may take him into this season with some confidence. The first team he will face will be the Baltimore Orioles later in the week.

Yankees Hitter Will Rise To The Occasion

The hitters are going to be there, no Gary Sanchez did not shine in the light that the team was expecting today, but he will be on the verge of major numbers. Right now he needs to regain his bearings and trust his swing, a double tap of the foot made him look uncomfortable against the off-speed pitches that will be coming his way quite frequently.

He does not need today and remember his first job is to be a catcher and then a hitter, not the other way around. A chance to be another Yadier Molina.

Aaron Judge in right field is a decision I do not agree with. His showing last year proved he needed more work and that it was not his time. Therefore, he needs a few more months in the minors. Judge has the capability, but at the moment the team has too many hitters and nowhere to put them all, leading Chris Carter to be a bench player who was the co-leader in home runs last season.

The bright spot that today brings the team hope is that the bullpen was as dominant as we thought it was going to be, for now. The big guns did not even pitch today, Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman, but Warren, Holder, Layne, and Shreve are all off to good starts to the season allowing no runs across a combined 5.1 innings.