Photos show Blue Jays are hypocrites (or liars) about Yankees 'sign-stealing' coaches

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

Still yearning for more of the Yankees' "Aaron Judge scandal" after the Bombers wrapped up a 7-4 win last night? Desperate to hear more fan theories from the Blue Jays' broadcast booth?

Well, don't worry, because Toronto manager John Schneider made absolutely sure before Tuesday's game that the focus would not be on the field of play.

Schneider announced that he'd brought The Case of Aaron Judge's Wandering Eyes directly to MLB, leading Judge himself to say that he didn't want to discuss this any further, but had some choice words for the Blue Jays broadcasters (who were "not saying, just saying..."). He preferred to keep those off the record.

The Jays manager clarified that he was worried more about where the Yankees' first- and third-base coaches were situated rather than some Astros-level illegal scheme involving beeps, boops, buzzers and a hacked PitchCom system. Well, that makes sense! That's exactly what former Red Sox Will Middlebrooks insinuated when he theorized that Alejandro Kirk's positioning was giving the game away. Sounds like a Yankees-specific issue for sure.

Yankees first-base coach was exactly where Blue Jays put their coaches during Aaron Judge AB

Hmm. What is "a glaring 30 feet" referring to? Was Scheider saying it's "glaring" when a base coach isn't within the window provided to them? Because, well, there isn't a single MLB team whose coaches stand in those boxes all the time. It just doesn't happen.

Don't believe us? Just look at ... the Blue Jays coaches from last night!

Bummer, John! Bummer!

And, would you believe ... the Jays did it again on Tuesday, even after crying about the Yankees' positioning?!

Well ... I never ...

Or was Schneider ... actually saying that a foot or two wouldn't be a big deal, but that the Yankees' coaches were a "glaring 30 feet" away from where they were supposed to be?

Because ... if so ... does this shot from the Judge at-bat look like 30 feet outside the box to you?

Maybe "3". Maybe he meant to say "a glaring 3 feet".

Bottom line, nobody's pursuing this any further except for the Jays, who've allowed it to occupy a good deal of real estate in their collective cranium. The nonsense continued in the third inning on Tuesday, when Schneider and Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker started screaming at third base coach Luis Rojas midway through a Yankee rally. Schneider screamed, "Shut up, fat boy," referring to ... who could possibly know?

Major League Baseball reportedly told Aaron Boone they won't be looking into this non-issue any further. I guess they'll have to leave any further investigations to Blue Jays writer Shi Davidi, who posted a blurry video of Jake Bauers supposedly looking into the third-base dugout. It's too blurry for anyone to really tell if that's actually happening, and the Yankees weren't occupying both dugouts, but other than that, good job, good effort.

Could the Yankees have picked up on a "tell" from Jackson, and used Kirk's positioning to cue Judge that he'd be living outside with the slider? Seems likely.

Were the Yankees' first- and third-base coaches "30 feet" outside of their designated pens? Absolutely not.

Still, rules are rules, and per Schneider, both sets of coaches, as well as every other MLB coach who's ever lived, now must proceed directly to jail.