Gerrit Cole hurls wild pitch over Mariners' Jose Caballero, aims bizarre gesture at dugout

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole just wagged his finger like an ornery grandpa.
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Don't step out of the box and wreck Yankees ace Gerrit Cole's rhythm unless you want to see him do something ... very weird.

With two outs and nobody on in the seventh inning of Tuesday's series opener against the Seattle Mariners, Cole found himself in lockstep with catcher Jose Trevino, delivering strikes in rapid succession. No. 9 hitter Jose Caballero stepped out early in the count as the potential final battle of the frame, though, earning Cole's ire.

His 0-2 waste pitch went about ... oh, 50 feet high. It wasn't close to Caballero's head. It wasn't close to anything.

Apparently, Cole was fuming at Cabellero for dictating the pace of the at-bat, taking advantage of the pitch timer by locking eyes with the Yankees' starter at the latest allowable moment. After messing around with a few pitches off the corner, he blew nearly 100 MPH past the pesky hitter, wagging his finger at the M's dugout after he completed the inning.

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole wags finger like ornery old man at Mariners dugout

That'll teach the Mariners to do that again! Or ... maybe it won't. Truly, we don't know if it'll convince anyone to do anything. Sure was weird, though!

Cole is as quirky an ace as they come. Sometimes, he brings his fiery fastball from first pitch. Other times, he builds up to it. Sometimes, he sits stoically. Other times, he houses bananas and gestures like a disapproving Italian grandma towards his former AL West foes. Sometimes, he listens to the music Aaron Judge chooses postgame.

Other times? He flips on Harry Styles, an artist he refers to as the "f***ing GOAT".

You never know what you're going to get with Cole, who hasn't delivered an outing quite like this since April 27 against the Rangers, when he went 6.2 innings down in Texas. This is the first time he's eclipsed that length in the nearly two months since.

Hey, what can we say? Don't mess with Strega Nona.