Yankees' postgame playlist reveals Gerrit Cole has surprising choice for music GOAT

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees / New York Yankees/GettyImages

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole began this season looking like a bonafide Cy Young favorite, but has slipped a bit in recent weeks as the gopher balls have returned. Perhaps, all he needs to stop grooving fastballs is to ... get into the groove?

Chris Kirschner of The Athletic recently highlighted Cole in his May takeaways, and while it's all fantastic (as always), the most important tidbit was a throwaway paragraph about the right-hander toggling with the knobs on the Yankees' post-win sound system.

According to Kirschner, the team's playlist is ever-evolving, and the Yanks hit "play" plenty in May, as they finished with a 19-10 record, the best in MLB.

After a recent victory, some legend reportedly cued up LMFAO's "Shots," the best song ever produced by Berry Gordy's youngest son and grandson (yup, that's ... really who they are). Cole wasn't having it, though, instead switching courses to Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar." He then celebrated his own decision, calling Styles the "f***ing GOAT."

What's the opposite of, "It brings me no pleasure to report..."? "It brings me endless pleasure to report..."? Yeah, that. This brings me endless pleasure.

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole: Harry Styles is the "f***ing GOAT"

Now, we just have to dig deeper. When did Cole's Styles fandom begin? When the singer went solo? When he and the lads from One Direction were out dancing all night to the best song ever? One D's first collab dropped when Cole was a rising junior at UCLA. Did he and the baseball team ever throw a party at the house where he insisted on blasting their "X Factor" audition video? Did that cause teammate Trevor Bauer to angrily storm up to his room? These are the important questions.

Cole has some kinks to work out to re-learn what makes him beautiful, but his music fandom shouldn't be questioned. He's made it abundantly clear where he stands.

Hopefully, the next time he brings home a dub, the serene Yankees clubhouse sounds like "Music For a Sushi Restaurant."