NBA top draft prospect Victor Wembanyama looks insane next to Yankees' Jose Trevino

Victor Wembanyama to the Knicks? Blockbuster NBA Draft trade incoming?

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While the New York Knicks are actually without a lottery pick for the first time in 500 years (give or take), they still got a chance to hope and dream about future No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama in New York gear on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium.

Wembanyama is in town to attend the 2023 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center in person because it seems quite likely he'll be selected this time around (if only he could guarantee a growth spurt, that would really cinch it).

Before the San Antonio Spurs call the French phenom's name, he got a chance to rock an oversized Joe DiMaggio jersey big enough to cover a speedboat and toss out the first pitch prior to Tuesday's game against the Mariners, another cruel reminder that this is as close as Seattle may ever get to the NBA.

Wembanyama flipped a bat around in his hand like a toothpick during a pregame BP session before visiting with Yankees catcher Jose Trevino in the dugout, making the adult man and MLB All-Star look like a backpack sitting on the ground.

Yankees jersey makes Victor Wembanyama look insanely gigantic

After these pictures were taken, Wembanyama took his jersey off and covered Trevino, enveloping him like a young boy under a parachute.

When Wembanyama isn't busy making adults look like garden gnomes and palming a baseball like it's a grape, he's reinventing the game of basketball, stretching higher than any other Stretch 5 in memory.

Part Kareem, part Giannis, and part Kevin Durant, the only part missing from Wembanyama's Frankenstein'd Game appears to be part Randy Johnson. His first pitch would've endangered any birds in the vicinity, but that's really the only similarity he maintains to the lanky left-hander.

Not ... so great.

Wembanyama's post moves are unparalleled, but he probably wishes this particular post could be moved off the internet.

Things can only go up from here, as Thursday's the day when this athletic marvel gets to officially link up with Gregg Popovich and follow in Tim Duncan and Tony Parker's Spurs legacy. Until then, he'll just hope to blend into the crowd, probably by hiding behind a 12-foot-tall, load-bearing column in the Great Hall.

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