Everything you need to know about Yankees captain Derek Jeter joining FOX MLB team

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Remember Derek Jeter's cameo at the big desk during 2022 World Series coverage, alongside Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Frank Thomas? Turns out having the Yankees legend on air came with an ulterior motive.

Consider that appearance a backdoor pilot for an upcoming (hopefully successful) program, as FOX announced during the network's pregame coverage for Super Bowl LVII that Jeter would be joining the MLB team for the upcoming season.

They made that announcement by having Jeter crash the set, walking into the middle of A-Rod's pregame appearance to announce his presence. It certainly had the desired effect of creating buzz.

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Yankees Captain Derek Jeter joins FOX MLB broadcast team

Screaming, crying, throwing up the Re2pect deuces.

Certainly, this is a surprising move from the typically private Jeter. Though he did promise Yankee fans he'd be around more often on the day in his honor last September, we're not sure many thought he was referring to a national broadcasting role -- even as bizarre YES Network rumors swirled around he and Don Mattingly following the conclusion of the 2022 season.

Mattingly, instead, ended up with the Blue Jays as Toronto's bench coach, where he'll tutor Daulton Varsho on upping his exit velocity to industry standard.

So, who's being shuffled off the desk at FOX? Will there be any more changes? A-Rod is clearly involved in 2023's plans; otherwise, having him be on set for Jeter's arrival would've been supremely uncomfortable. Also, if it weren't already obvious, the two friends -- who forever had their relationship altered in the 2000s thanks to a few Rodriguez magazine interviews -- are clearly on good terms now.

David Ortiz is reportedly also remaining on FOX's deep bench, which means we'll stay tuned for updates regarding fellow Hall of Famer Frank Thomas' status. Or perhaps Jeter's future is in the booth rather than on the pre- and post-? All we know thus far is that he's "on the team" -- which is probably how Jeter likes it.

Jeter recently appeared in a hilarious extended segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his special edition of MLB The Show 23. Now, he's found a brand new outlet for his dry, witty anecdotes, and we couldn't be more excited to see The Captain further emerge from his shell and transition to his post-playing career.