Yankees bringing on Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly as broadcasters would be major letdown


How about some New York Yankees free agency rumors?! Not ones that relate to the roster or the dugout, though. Media free agency! More specifically, voids the YES Network is trying to fill or other spots it might be looking to upgrade ahead of 2023.

The New York Post spoke with YES president of programming and production John Filippelli and wondered if a couple of team legends would be considered for broadcasting roles as the network assembles its lineup for next season.

Are Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly even on the table? More than likely not. Jeter’s representative was contacted for comment but to no avail. Mattingly said he has something else “burning fairly hot right now” and that this is the first time he’s hearing of such a thing.

Filippelli confirmed nothing internally was discussed at great length pertaining the two Yankees icons, but that if they were “available” then “you find a way to make it work.”

So, to summarize: no traction on that front. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter. Because the Yankees bringing in these two revered baseball minds, competitors and leaders as broadcasters would be a disservice to both the organization and sport.

Yankees bringing in Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly as broadcasters would be a failure

Yankees fans were somehow teased beyond belief with Buck Showalter in the booth as they yearned for better days when manager Aaron Boone’s contract expired. When he left for the Mets, you thought for a second there would be an uprising. They were that dialed in and rabid about a managerial candidate!

Imagine what it would be like with Jeter and/or Mattingly jawing in the booth, commenting on the systemic baseball failures they’ve been forced to watch, and unable to pound their fist on the table during a meeting in the front office to overrule what they can easily foresee as a bad decision?

At the very least, these influential baseball figures should be special advisers to the Yankees’ operations process/departments. They shouldn’t be talking heads, relaying all the information and insight fans want to hear but will never see put into action. They need to be working behind the scenes to build a winner, not talk about what a winner might look like if they had any sort of decision-making power.

Jeter surfaced in New York over the summer and spoke directly to the fans and media multiple times after a long absences from the spotlight in the Big Apple. The reception was refreshing … but there were also loud calls to put the man in a position of power within the organization. Fans have grown tired and frustrated with Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner. Even the YES team of Michael Kay, Jack Curry and John Flaherty admitted it all might be reaching a boiling point as it pertains to unrest among the fanbase.

Plopping Jeter and/or Mattingly in the broadcast booth and keeping them at arms length from the actual work that needs to be done would only make it all worse.