What can Yankees fans make of Derek Jeter’s comments?


Hold the phone! On Derek Jeter Hall of Fame night at Yankee Stadium on Friday, the captain returned to the Bronx for the first time in what felt like forever. Of course the Yankees fumbled spectacularly and lost to the Rays on the special evening … but Jeter raised some eyebrows with his comments when speaking to the crowd and then the media.

As diplomatic as always, Jeter controlled the narrative and fans’ emotions for the most part. He kind of deflected when asked about Aaron Judge potentially being the team’s next captain. He told the fans they shouldn’t boo owner Hal Steinbrenner. He then eloquently explained why Yankees fans “boo” seemingly so often, and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

But then there were some of his own comments that required a follow-up from the media. During Jeter’s address to the fans at Yankee Stadium, he said it felt “good to be back” and that it’s like he’s “right at home.” Nothing to look into there. That’s just Jeter being honest and speaking from the heart.

What about this, though?

“I know you guys haven’t seen a lot of me over the last few years for various reasons, but I truly do look forward to hopefully seeing a lot more of you here in the near future.”

What can Yankees fans make of Derek Jeter’s comments?

Well, that’s “interesting”! “Is Jeter about to join the front office? Is he about to become a consultant? Is he going to buy some stake into the Yankees?!” are some scenarios many were speculating about on social media. Fans have pined for this before. Many believe Jeter needs to be involved in the organization to help it get back to its winning ways. Since 2010, the decision making overall seems like there’s a lack of “feel” for the game.

Couple that with Jeter urging the crowd not to boo Hal Steinbrenner by saying “you better cheer, trust me,” it sure felt like fans were going to be blindsided by the best news possible.

Not too long after, though, when Jeter sat down with the media following his appearance on the field, the Hall of Famer threw cold water on what many perceived to be foreshadowing commentary.

Perhaps all Jeter meant by what he said was in reference to his extra free time after parting with the Marlins as well as the fact he’s gained more of a grasp on fatherhood following the birth of his third child. That won’t stop from fans holding out hope, though.

As long as Jeter is “back” and not employed elsewhere, the natural speculation will progress, especially if the Yankees continue to slip further and further into mediocrity.