Michael Kay destroys John Schneider, Blue Jays for baffling Jose Berrios decision

Stop trying to copy the Yankees' JA Happ move! Stop.
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Wow. I spent so much time focused on the Rays choking out of the playoffs in two games that I barely even noticed the Blue Jays choking out of the playoffs in two games. And the NepoBaby Blue Jays are actually far more aggressive in trying to get under the Yankees' skin! Don't that beat all.

Talk about entitled. If you think the current Yankees walk around acting like they've won something despite never having competed in a World Series (and they do), allow me to introduce you to the Toronto FailSons. These Canucks teased a "movie" about their glorious AL East reign several years ago, and have still yet to win the division under their current leadership, nor have they won a single playoff game.

They even managed to screw up a date with the Minnesota Twins this fall, an AL East team's dream. After not having won a playoff game for 21 years, the Twinkies rattled off two in rapid succession, sending Toronto home early with a single playoff run scored. If you're keeping track, that's two more playoff runs for the Rays and Jays combined than our Yankees. Bummer!

Ultimately, it seems sacrificing offense by trading away Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (attached to top prospect Gabriel Moreno) and Teoscar Hernández, all because you didn't want expiring contracts on the books (?), might've been a misguided idea. A powerhouse offense, for instance, might've scored more than a singular run. But hey, how could anyone have seen that coming (we saw it coming)?

As if the Jays weren't doomed enough by their offseason decision to pair pitching with nothing, manager John "I Call People 'Fat Boy' Like I'm 12" Schneider took things into his own hands and tempted fate. Seemingly inspired by the 2020 Yankees' boneheaded decision to remove Deivi Garcia one inning into his Game 2 start and replace him with an ornery JA Happ who didn't want to be there, Schneider yanked starter Jose Berrios after 47 dominant pitches and one leadoff walk. Instead of living in the moment, he stuck to his pregame plan and inserted Yusei Kikuchi for the matchup.

Kikuchi immediately surrendered two runs -- which, again, was more than enough, because the Blue Jays purposely peeled offense off their roster this offseason and discarded it like rotted fruit.

The moment Kikuchi entered, Michael Kay hit 'em with a "Welp!" and it only got better from there.

Yankees announcer Michael Kay can only laugh at Blue Jays, John Schneider's bold strategy

Berrios, the former Twin, was left only to watch and stew, taking in every moment of the game that was stolen from him until the final out.

You never want to root for anyone to lose their job. But after Schneider threw an all-time toddler temper tantrum against the Yankees earlier this year, having a colicky fit because the team's base coaches were standing a little off to the side and Aaron Judge's eyes were darting back and forth, it's been fun watching his own players, like Whit Merrifield, assess Wednesday's strategy with, "I hated it, frankly."

Perhaps next time, he and the haughty Jays will make sure their movie has an ending before they release it.