Guardians redefine 'rent free' with bizarre Yankees tweet before Red Sox choke

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Remember the long-haired bat boy from the Yankees' series against the Cleveland Guardians in April? Vaguely?

If so, what were your memories of the interaction? Largely positive, right? Michael Kay called him out for going against the Yankees' grooming standard. Then he put his hair up. Then a bunch of heartwarming stuff happened? Anthony Rizzo posed with him? We all found out he had a band? His band toured to New York, in large part because of the generosity of Yankee fans? Not really a troll-worthy interaction, especially months down the line.

But don't tell that to the Guardians' social team, who finally found their follow-up to the hit tweet, "Claiming the Yankees Play in Flushing, Queens" after searching for so long. Unfortunately, this time around, they wimped out and deleted it within a matter of minutes.

It's almost like, when they tweeted, "Boston didn't make him tuck his hair in," the Guards missed the part of the story where Rizzo and the Yankees befriended Nate and helped him out tremendously, simming back to the first game of their now-ancient three-game set when Michael Kay was being weird.

Why did Guardians still think Yankees should be burned over long-haired bat boy from April?!

Anyway, the Guardians blew a 2-1 lead in the eighth inning to the Red Sox seconds after this tweet was sent. Kind of unbelievable.

It's very fun to be accused of reserving space in your cranium for other teams in MLB when you mention them offhandedly, then watch the Guardians try to get away with an off-hand reference to a Yankees non-controversy from April that feels like it's from 2014, at this point. Oh, you're still mad about ... the Yankees' grooming policy? During a game against the Red Sox? When you're well under .500? A game you're about to choke away? Ok, cool, actually. Tell us more about how Yankee fans live in the past, we're dying to hear it.

Hopefully, Bat Boy Nate messaged the social media team and said, "Uh, hey, actually the Yankees were pretty chill to me? And helped bring about a pivot point in my life? Why are we doing this?" Glad it was deleted, but bummed it was sent in the first place -- especially since the Guardians had a karmic job to do against the Red Sox in the here and now and spit the bit tremendously. Good to know a fellow American League rival is taking sides in the Yankees-Sox rivalry, though!