4 Yankees players the fans have already lost patience with

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Domingo Germán

Two things are true: Domingo Germán briefly earned back the fans' trust by being one of the Yankees' more effective starters in April and May, and Germán lost that trust entirely by being foolish enough to dabble in sticky stuff for the second time in a month and get himself suspended this week.

The Yankees, already in the midst of a marathon without off days, can't replace Germán on the roster, and will have to play a man down because he can't figure out the rosin situation, vis a vis where it goes, when you put it on, and how much of it you can use. If that's not a patience-tester, I'm not sure what is.

Germán helped the Yankees survive the losses of Severino, Carlos Rodón and Frankie Montas (remember him?) early, but this is far from the first time his immaturity (and that's being generous) has cost the team.

He was suspended and removed from the roster just before the 2019 postseason after a domestic violence incident at a team charity event; famously, the Yankees were a pitcher (or two) short during that run, and started Chad Green in a do-or-die Game 6 on the road in Houston. Germán seems to have rehabilitated his personal life, and that's fine, but his recent on-field decisions and outright foolishness have tested the fan base's patience yet again.

Cue hundreds of commenters who somehow refuse to agree with this assertion, considering that's what happens every time we write about Germán, but if this distinctly average right-hander isn't testing your patience now, I'm not sure what to tell you.