Domingo Germán ejected from Blue Jays-Yankees for obvious sticky stuff

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

You knew a reckoning was coming for the Yankees in Tuesday night's game in Toronto.

You probably assumed it'd be a beanball, though. Or maybe a Vlad Jr. home run where he pointed to the dugout and pretended to steal signs.

Maybe that's coming. Who knows? But, first, a storyline from several weeks ago resurfaced instead. Man, this Writer's Strike really is lazy.

Remember the mid-April game against the Twins where Rocco Baldelli went ballistic, as Domingo Germán was allowed to continue to pitch despite sticky rosin being observed on his hands?

Naturally, when Blue Jays manager John Schneider reached a boiling point, he knew just where to check to push the Yankees' buttons. Somehow, some way, his move worked; Germán, fresh off three perfect innings, was summarily ejected. In a video captured in the dugout, he clearly had a patch of brown mess on his pant legs under his hand.

Yankees starter Domingo Germán ejected, suspended 10 games for sticky stuff

Germán's RPMs were consistent with his previous starts on Tuesday, per David Cone, but it really doesn't matter. The right-hander already had a file of sketchiness open in the minds of the league's umpires. Now, he's immediately subject to a 10-game suspension for this offense, and cannot be replaced on the Yankees' roster.

In other words, when Luis Severino returns, Jhony Brito will be sent down, and the Yankees will have to (sigh) fill Germán's start with a Jimmy Cordero outing and some thoughts and prayers. It won't be nearly as effective a strategy as simply ... using Germán, who's been a perfectly acceptable No. 3 starter this year.

If the umpires felt something, they felt something, though. You could see it. And Germán simply has to be smarter than that, especially knowing he's got a rap sheet in the public eye already. Very unwise, and will send the Yankees into a potential pitching spiral.