New details on Domingo German’s alleged domestic violence incident should force Yankees’ hand


If you thought the Domingo German carousel was over, think again, New York Yankees fans.

The 28-year-old was placed on administrative leave back in Sept. of 2019 and then subsequently suspended for 81 games for his involvement in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend at one of CC Sabathia’s charity galas.

He missed all of 2020, and by the time he steps on a mound this year it’ll be 19 months since he’s pitched in a Major League Baseball game.

But that’s hardly the end of it. Yankees star reliever Zack Britton had some unsavory comments when asked about German, bluntly stating, “sometimes you don’t get to control who your teammates are.” He also made it clear that what German allegedly did has “no place inside or outside of the game.”

Ever since German was forced to be away from the team due to the troubling situation, some fans have wondered why the Yankees didn’t just pull the plug on the right-hander. They already dealt with a previous domestic violence issue with Aroldis Chapman, but many overlooked that in a sense due to Chapman’s generational talent (not acceptable, but a reality).

German is nowhere near that level of talent, and he’s only caused more controversy ever since his banishment. And now it all may have finally hit the fan.

Here’s the latest from Lindsey Adler of The Athletic, who has new details about the domestic violence incident involving German and his girlfriend a year and a half ago.

"“In September 2019, Germán and his girlfriend attended a charity gala held by then-teammate CC Sabathia. Many of Germán’s 2019 teammates were also there with their families. Germán slapped his girlfriend at the event, sources said, but the MLB investigation focused primarily on what happened at his home later that night.“According to multiple league sources, including a person with knowledge of the MLB investigation, Germán was intoxicated and became physically violent toward his girlfriend until she hid in a locked room. The victim is said to have contacted the wife of another Yankees player, and the couple drove to Germán’s home late at night. The victim remained with the teammate’s wife, while the player attempted to calm down Germán, who is said to have been angry and belligerent.“The incident was reported to MLB by a different member of the Yankees staff, whom Germán’s girlfriend had told about it. The victim did not call law enforcement, so there is no police report from the night of the assault.”"

When you boil it down, it’s really hard for the Yankees to support their decision in keeping him on the roster. The only viable excuse they might have is that they know German is troubled, want to work to help him get better, and feel that releasing him will only make matters worse for his situation.

Then again, we’ve gotten no public apology or comments from German on anything that’s transpired. Instead, he’s been behaving bizarrely on social media, which has forced manager Aaron Boone to answer nonsensical questions at spring training.

In fact, his session with the media on Sunday was canceled and he released this statement:

Now that these new details have been made public, it’s hard to believe they’re not going to force the Yankees’ hand. All of Boone, general manager Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner have had to answer for German’s transgressions and other eye-opening off-the-field conduct. German has answered for nothing.

And you can bet the emergence of this horrific information will prompt more questions from the media, which could very well spell the end for the embattled right-hander’s tenure with the team.