3 Yankees trade deadline reunions we wish could happen

The Yankees' old friends across the league are failing more often than they're succeeding, but a few would look nice in pinstripes.

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Gio Gallegos

Nobody's selling harder this deadline than the St. Louis Cardinals, who are the only bottom-of-the-barrel team that somehow also has intriguing talent.

The A's and Royals have some bullpen pieces and backups to shuck off. The Cardinals? Theoretically, they have a deep outfield stuffed with competent hitters and a stable full of guys who may not all throw 98, but all have solid track records. And yet, somehow, there they are, lobbing balls over the heads of their first basemen and turning wins to losses instantly.

Montgomery, a rental, should be available, but probably won't be a Yankees target. Tyler O'Neill, who started a rehab assignment this week, has been linked to New York all year long, but might not be healthy enough to steal any of Jake Bauers' reps. At least he's actually an outfielder, though.

Maybe, if the Yankees do take the plunge and take O'Neill off a sputtering Oli Marmol's hands, they should ask for reliever Gio Gallegos, too? Once upon a time, he was Yankees property, before he was dealt for ... Luke Voit. Thanks to a blowup 0.2 of an inning against the Astros, his season ERA sits at 4.50, but he's been an All-Star closer in the recent past. He would only be asked to fill the post-suspension Jimmy Cordero role with veteran aplomb, and the two posted similar numbers this season (again, excepting the recent implosion). Gallegos shouldn't be the centerpiece of the Yankees' deadline, but he might make a nice second portion (and he's got the Matt Blake changeup on lock already).