Pedro Martinez, AL All-Star hurler both say they'd drill Aaron Judge for peeking

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Remember when we laughed at and admonished the Blue Jays broadcast booth for saying that both Kevin Gausman and Chris Bassitt should drill Yankees star Aaron Judge over the non-troversy of him being tipped off by the first base coach about reliever Jay Jackson's tell?

Well, apparently, this is actually a common sentiment, shared by everyone from an All-Star (and former Yankees hurler) to a Hall of Fame icon (and former son of the Yankees). So, our bad. Guess everyone's crazy!

Following the series finale in Toronto (Yankees took three of four, seems relevant), Pedro Martinez hopped on MLB Network to say that, yes, he would've let Judge "wear it" in his next at-bat after the slugger coordinated with the first base coach in completely legal fashion. Tale as old as time.

Because, any time you can hear some self-righteous moralizing from a man who once tossed Don Zimmer to the ground by his head, you've simply got to listen.

Pedro Martinez, Lance Lynn would both drill Yankees star Aaron Judge for something that was Blue Jays' fault

Pedro's removed from the game. He's old-school. It's not ... shocking he'd want Judge to taste one in the ribs, but also ... it kind of is? Isn't the old guard famously down with picking up signs in the field of play? Now that PitchCom has banned signs, essentially, this is really the only way to keep that tradition alive.

Is the first base coach no longer on the field? Did I miss something?

But it's not just the old guard that feels the bloodlust to knock Judge on his ass after his innocent side-eye. White Sox right-hander Lance Lynn told AJ Pierzynski he'd also throw at Judge because a beanball is, quote, "the only wait to stop it."

Stop what ? The scourge of MLB players and coaching staffs being smart?

Guess I "didn't play the game" so I just "don't get it," but I thought MLB was supposed to be a fraternity of guys who take a mile after they're given an inch? Are Lynn and Pedro really saying that, if they were facing a pitcher who tipped his pitches, they wouldn't use the information they gleaned? These two right-handers would just sit idly by and hide information that could help their teammates? Get real.

Why is it inappropriate for players/coaches who are "not involved" to be relaying signs? Are you just moving the goalposts so you can get angry at the Yankees? "Guys who wear No. 99 shouldn't be allowed to participate in picking up tells, I've always said this."

While Martinez has been in the booth for a decade, Lynn is still an active MLB player, and these comments should make the Yankees and White Sox next series interesting. Might be the first interesting series the White Sox have participated in all year.