Blue Jays pregame show wanted Kevin Gausman to throw at Aaron Judge after Monday drama

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

After Monday's manufactured drama in which the Toronto broadcast insinuated the New York Yankees and Aaron Judge were cheating, followed by Blue Jays manager John Schneider snitching on the Bombers by running off to MLB about a whole lot of nothing, SportsNet took it a step further.

Again, we will reiterate, IMAGINE if the Yankees or their broadcast did ANYTHING like this. Helicopters would be over Hal Steinbrenner's house. The FBI would've raided the YES Network.

On SportsNet's pregame show Tuesday, former MLB catcher Caleb Joseph (per an amazing group of Reddit detectors!) suggested Blue Jays pitcher Kevin Gausman should've "sent a message" to Judge -- another nefarious insinuation. These guys are on fire!

Gausman thankfully didn't throw at Judge to further escalate tensions that didn't need to be escalated (and shouldn't have even really existed in the first place), and it seems everyone associated with the Blue Jays organization outside of the players feel awfully heated about nothing.

In the end, there wasn't anything for the Yankees to steal, outside of Blue Jays pitcher Jay Jackson tipping his pitchers (which he admitted to!) or catcher Alejandro Kirk being conspicuous with his secondary sign relaying. PitchCom exists for a reason. It was invented to combat real-time sign stealing, especially through the use of technology. But yeah, let's throw at Judge because he picked up on a tip from his teammates (if that even was the case!).

Blue Jays pregame show suggested Kevin Gausman should throw at Aaron Judge

Judge, who famously has a good reputation across baseball and is the reigning AL MVP, has now been accused of cheating (with no evidence, even though sign-stealing without the use of technology is 100% legal) and it was suggested he should be punished for it in a fairly dangerous way.

And Joseph did it AGAIN before Wednesday's game!

Throwing at hitters isn't anything outlandish, but throwing at hitters when it doesn't warrant such a response, especially after MLB said there was no suspicious activity? That sets a horrific precedent. And one we don't need surrounding one of the game's biggest stars.

Judge was responsible enough to keep everything from further intensifying with his words. But apparently a couple of glances toward the dugout and three home runs still has everybody agitated.

All the Blue Jays have to do is score runs. And not get beat by Isiah Kiner-Falefa. But we guess it's easier to complain and peddle these theatrics. Gerrit Cole up next. Enjoy.