3 Yankees trade deadline reunions we wish could happen

The Yankees' old friends across the league are failing more often than they're succeeding, but a few would look nice in pinstripes.

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Mike Tauchman - A Man Can Dream, Right?

The Yankees can play a role in this proposal, too, if they're able to knock Tauchman's Cubs back a few pegs this weekend.

What ... are the Chicago Cubs? Are they a third-place team, sitting under .500 in a weak NL Central? Are they their +24 run differential, which portends a turnaround? Will they be hybrid-ing it up this deadline or buying like their future depends on it? A few weeks ago, Marcus Stroman seemed destined for a trade-then-re-sign Chapman-like situation. Now, will he ride it out as a playoff-bound club's ace? Somebody figure this out, please!

If the Cubs do decide to straddle the line this summer, perhaps the Yankees can entice them to give up Tauchman. And maybe Chicago thinks they've already gotten the best out of the lefty-swinging outfielder who could give the Yankees the reliable defense and balance they've so desperately craved from the left field position? Tauchman's down to .250 on the season with a .706 OPS (and an impressive .367 OBP).

Come on, Cubbies. Do the right thing. Maybe this is just jealousy talking. Maybe we just wish the Yankees had chosen Tauchman on a minor-league deal this winter instead if scrambling for Franchy Cordero on Opening Day. But ... he's not a part of Chicago's future, right? If the Yankees dangle an enticing prospect, it could be fun.