3 former Yankees players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

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New York Yankees players we're glad to see gone: Joey Gallo

Ignore the statistics. Don't let anybody egg you on by sharing Joey Gallo's progress in Minnesota with you. You know you want to overreact. You know you want to claw at the walls about the Yankees being unable to maximize another trade target.

This one isn't their fault. If Gallo's comfortable in Minnesota, that's fantastic (yes, he homered three times in the season's opening week, but only piled up two other hits). But he absolutely wasn't in New York and, based on the way he reacted to fan vitriol, he wasn't just a tweak or two away from getting acclimated and accepting reality.

On the way out, Michael Kay blasted him for seemingly deflecting from his poor play with a New York sob story. During his second half with the Dodgers, he talked a big game about finally being in the right place, then proceded to replicate his Yankees numbers almost exactly (.159 average, .339 slugging in New York in 2022, .162 and .393 in LA).

Gallo will always be Gallo. Huge power. Huge strikeout totals. Rare contact. Very unpleasant to watch, even at his peak. Not for New York. Not for LA. Fine for Minnesota (we hope). Zero regrets here, no matter how many people try to goad us into reacting to his 2023 stats.