3 former Yankees players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

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New York Yankees players we're glad to see gone: Aroldis Chapman

Did you know Aroldis Chapman has started his Kansas City Royals tenure throwing 103 MPH again, striking out eight, walking one, and allowing one hit in four shutout innings? Did you know I don't care?

Chapman was historically toxic in pinstripes. He arrived under a black cloud, acquired at a discount because no other franchise wanted to touch him as he awaited a league ruling on a domestic violence suspension.

Every day he was active, he was a coin flip. Was it going to be Good Chapman, the firebreather, or Bad Chapman, the man who always made the ball look slick and was a danger to the health of opposing batters? Of course, deep down, he was always Bad Chapman, whether he was striking out the side or ending the Yankees' season with playoff homers (twice in two years!).

Don't get bogged down in the semantics. Long before the infected tattoo and pre-playoff desertion, this man didn't deserve to wear the pinstripes.