Did Yankees troll Jon Heyman with Aaron Judge contract tweet?


After a nearly two-week delay (some of which was Hawaii-related, some of which just seemed unnecessary), the New York Yankees have officially announced that they’ve re-signed Aaron Judge to a nine-year deal through the 2031 season.

Very refreshing tweet to read, especially on the day Carlos Correa’s press conference was canceled amid some sort of test result malfunction. Feels good to read it!

It appears the Yankees are feeling equally satisfied with their Christmas purchase, considering how much fun they had with the roll-out of their social strategy.

On the night of Dec. 6, Yankee fans went to bed with cold chills after experiencing a seven-minute gap where Judge seemed likely to wind up with the San Francisco Giants. Even after MLB insider Jon Heyman walked back his tweet about “Arson” Judge preferring a new home, it still seemed more likely than not Judge would depart. After all, someone knew something, and that someone sprinkled seeds of San Fran.

Smash cut to the early morning of Dec. 7, though, and Judge agreed to be a Yankee for life. Quite a departure from the departure! And now, two weeks later, he’s officially set the city of New York ablaze. Just look at all that arson in his “Welcome Back!” tweet.

Yankees definitely made Aaron Judge an Arson Judge graphic

Can’t be 100% sure it’s a Heyman troll, but it certainly seems like it.

Prior to two weeks ago, Judge wasn’t known for fire. His name isn’t “Hose,” “Blaze” or “Inferno,” and he doesn’t have a particularly fiery personality. The Vegas odds on the Judge extension graphic having a gavel or court of law pictured must’ve been -1,000 … before Heyman renamed him “Arson.”

Now, flames, all of a sudden. Could be a coincidence. Could be a stroke of genius. Definitely a fire crime.

The Yankees also paid homage to the sweatshirt Judge rocked during his home run chase with a different caption for their longer video tribute.

Now all the Yankees need is one more tweet with a kiss of the interlocking NY logo, and they’ll have rounded up all of Judge’s greatest hits from 2022.

He may be an arsonist, but he’s our arsonist.