‘Arson Judge’ goes wild as Aaron Judge’s move from Yankees to Giants looms?


As of Tuesday night at the Winter Meetings, the New York Yankees are all claiming they’ll be ready to “handle” whatever comes next regarding Aaron Judge. The San Francisco Giants associates all seem calm and ready as the smoke blows in their direction.

And, meanwhile, Arson Judge stands at the ready with a torch and a blow dryer, ready to set this whole place ablaze.

While Jon Heyman’s tweet about a certain arsonist set off a firestorm before it was walked back, the tea leaves have felt like the Giants have been in the lead for a few days now. Their $360 million offer is by far the highest offer that’s been reported, which came through Heyman earlier on Tuesday. Their center field backup plan, Cody Bellinger, signed with the Cubs earlier this evening. The Yankees, in all honesty, don’t seem to know whether or not Judge is en route to the Winter Meetings, a telling sign that there’s chaos afoot.

Meanwhile, in the Bay Area, venerated writer Susan Slusser seems to think the Giants players have gotten the Judge Buzz. The winds are blowing.

Is Aaron Judge signing with Giants over Yankees? What about Arson Judge?

Laugh all you want about typos, and put your faith in Michael Kay’s sources claiming the Yankees believe they’re still in the mix for Judge (corroborated by several team insiders who seem to think there’s been no communication yet), but the Giants’ offer is the clearest line in the sand anyone’s seen yet. One camp is confident. One camp is battling the silence.

Per Slusser’s reporting, an agent with a client close to Judge claims the outfielder has chosen San Francisco. Hell, even per Carlos Baerga, who broke the Justin Verlander deal a few days back, both Judge and Carlos Correa could be coming to San Francisco by Wednesday. That should’ve been the Yankees offseason.

Right on time, reports of the Bombers going heavily after other top-tier free agents also emerged. According to Andy Martino, Heyman, and many others, the chatter between the Yankees and Carlos Rodón’s side is happening daily.

Rodón AND Judge would be one hell of an offseason.

Rodón and NO No. 99? That might mean the Bronx would be burning. In that case, New York City could probably use an Arson Judge.