Did Aaron Judge’s outfit vs Blue Jays just hint at 2023 landing spot?


New York Yankees mega-star Aaron Judge is having a season for the ages, and should capture the AL MVP in a few months’ time regardless of whether or not he pushes past the AL home run record, currently held by Roger Maris.

Then, things get really interesting. Judge bet on himself this past offseason, turning down a somewhat reasonable extension offer from the Yankees and opting instead to chase $300+ million on the free market.

Every time Judge has been asked, he’s made it clear that he’d love to be a Yankee for life, as long as the opportunity presents itself again this winter with a reasonable dollar figure attached. He also has let his bat do the talking, popping 60 home runs this season with 10 games to go and zeroing in on MLB’s first Triple Crown since Miguel Cabrera in 2012. Sometimes, what Judge says and what his bat does can come into conflict — at least, with Hal Steinbrenner leading the negotiations.

On Monday, Judge added another wrinkle to the speculation with his pregame outfit prior to the Yankees’ AL East tilt against the Blue Jays in Toronto.

After ripping his 60th homer during the team’s perfect home stand, but failing to tie or eclipse Maris, Judge wore a “New York or Nowhere” sweatshirt to kick off this three-game series. He knew exactly what he was doing.


Yankees superstar Aaron Judge wears ‘New York or Nowhere’ sweatshirt vs Blue Jays

So … what was this? Was he simply saying there’s “nowhere” like New York, after feeling the love this past week? Was he insinuating he would be taking his foot off the power gas pedal in Toronto, planning to hit the record-tying smash either in New York or nowhere?

Or was he making an obvious statement about his baseball future? Does he really plan on coming back to New York, whole cloth? Or is “nowhere” still an option?

Do you guys think the fine people of San Francisco, Queens and Boston appreciate being called “nowhere”?

It still seems as if Judge will follow the dollars, to a reasonable extent. But if the Yankees are close in the bidding — and most assume they will be in the ballpark — then continuing this marriage makes perfect sense after an historic year.

There’s an inherent advantage if Judge stays in NYC, both in terms of the slugger’s marketing efforts and his legacy. Of course, there’s always nowhere.