Yankees News: Latest on Carlos Rodón, Blue Jays and Red Sox diverge


Though some of you have already muted “Carlos Rodón” on Twitter as he blocked you on Venmo — why’d you wait so long? — the left-hander remains the No. 1 trending Yankees name on the market.

Considering every tweet these days is either Jon Heyman slowly rolling the ball down the hill towards the Bronx or the most fatalistic members of Yankees Twitter angrily assuming Cashman will bungle it and pivot to Drew Smyly instead (Cashman is SMYLING and doing the Chop!), it can be frustrating to constantly refresh, waiting for the latest.

As it stands, the Yankees reportedly made an offer to Rodón either Monday night or Tuesday after whiffing on the pitcher at the trade deadline a few months back. Money > assets, though, right?

The left-hander’s initial ask, delivered by Scott Boras, is $200 million plus and seven years of control. The Yankees are unlikely to match that number, but still appear to be in the lead, battling it out with the Twins and Cardinals. Boras would likely prefer the Giants stay involved and have the Red Sox and Dodgers join the fray, too.

San Francisco’s 13-year (!) deal for Carlos Correa, inked late Tuesday night, likely pushes them out of the running, but leaves the Twins with a pile of leftover money after they reportedly earmarked about $300 million of it for the shortstop. Do they pivot to Swanson and lower-tier options (Nathan Eovaldi, the Yanks’ supposed backup plan)? Or do they go all in for Rodón? And, if so, does that do anything other than raise the price for the Bombers?

According to Brendan Kuty, Rodón himself prefers the Yankees, which should be the most important thing of all. Clock’s ticking.

More Yankees News

  • New York is talking outfield trade with the Minnesota Twins (Max Kepler) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (Alek Thomas, Jake McCarthy, Daulton Varsho). Varsho is the best of the four, so unsurprisingly, the Astros are also in on him.
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. is NOT going to be a Yankee; he’s not available. The Bombers are also out on Carlos Correa. So … who’s the “bigger than Rodón” move everyone from Michael Kay to Buster Olney hinted at last week? Lying?

MLB News

  • Red Sox President Sam Kennedy gave us all a new addition to the Boston Cringe Compilation on Tuesday claiming that the team has done nothing wrong with its homegrown talents, but remains focused on winning a World Series. Why not both?
  • Xander Bogaerts is a San Diego Padre/is $280 million richer. The Sox probably could’ve snagged him with their final offer if they’d offered it to him during Spring Training, like he’d asked. Oops!
  • Sox didn’t get Correa, either. Their fans told us they would! Even after they offered Bogaerts, their cornerstone, half of what Correa makes now and called it a day. Why did their fans think this? Ah, well. Nevertheless!
  • The Toronto Blue Jays snagged Chris Bassitt for three years and $63 million total. Solid depth addition. The newest sequel to the Blue Jays’ “movie” seems slightly better.