Yankees’ reported failed Carlos Rodon trade talks at deadline might motivate big signing


For all the New York Yankees fans out there who felt the team’s moves at this year’s trade deadline were a bit underwhelming, it’s because some of it was out of their control. Juan Soto was never happening, and there just weren’t many star players available.

Apparently, general manager Brian Cashman tried to upgrade the rotation in the form of Carlos Rodón, but the San Francisco Giants wouldn’t relent. They decided to hold on to Rodon and Joc Pederson in hopes of contending, ended up finishing .500, and wasted everyone’s time.

Deprived us of what could’ve been! Had the Giants opted to sell, the deadline would’ve been a lot more chaotic. And everyone prefers that.

Now, the Yankees have the opportunity to acquire Rodón for money alone. But there’s a sizable market for the burly left-hander, who’s repped by the top agent in the game in Scott Boras.

Obstacles remain, but are the Yankees more motivated than any other suitor because of missing out on him a few months back — a blockbuster move that could’ve changed the calculus of the Yankees’ playoff run?

Yankees failed trade talks for Carlos Rodón could motivate free agency chase?

Originally, we stupidly thought Rodón might not be too expensive given his lengthy injury history as he enters his age-30 season. But he’s repped by Scott Boras. And the starting pitching market is thin at the moment. He’s the best remaining option after Justin Verlander and Jacob deGrom signed their massive contracts.

Despite the fact he’s expected to command a $30 million AAV figure, YES Network’s Jack Curry continues to link the two sides. And you know it’s legitimate because Curry rarely just “puts stuff out there.”

It’s more than likely believable coming from him, and it helps that other MLB insiders have made the connection.

Curry’s latest nugget about the Yankees’ efforts at the 2022 trade deadline may drive this further in their direction. In recent years, Cashman and Steinbrenner haven’t hung around in the bidding for top free agents this long. Their previous interest in Rodón certainly helps their prolonged involvement here.

The spending would be justified, too. Aaron Judge is back and the team still needs more pieces. The rotation is good, but they need to look ahead to 2024, with Luis Severino and Frankie Montas likely gone after this year. An investment in Rodón would be a big financial hit in 2023, but with money coming off the books in 2024, he’d fit into the picture perfectly and keep the rotation atop its game alongside Gerrit Cole and Nestor Cortes. At that point, Cashman can conduct his usual, cost-effective dealings for starters in the back end.

If this happens, expect Curry to have the numbers and then provide us a clearer roadmap for what’s to come later on. He’ll likely tell us everything we need to know, as usual.