Yankees: CC Sabathia’s 18th birthday tribute to prospect son is awesome


New York Yankees future Hall of Famer CC Sabathia likely won’t be the only big-leaguer under his roof for much longer.

Heck, count his wife Amber, who’s dipping her toes in the agency world, and the total’s kind of already at two.

In terms of taking pro reps, though, a big-league future seems to be around the corner for Carsten, the couple’s oldest son, whether it comes after a three- or four-year college career or after his high school graduation.

Based on the collegiate programs recruiting not-so-Little C at the moment, it seems like the kid is bound for greatness — Harvard, anyone?

In honor of his prep star’s 18th birthday, Sabathia sent out an adorable celebration message on Wednesday afternoon, featuring photos of Carsten III as a toddler, at the MLB Draft during his dad’s Yankees career, and at Cooperstown, likely this past week for Derek Jeter’s induction.

Truly, the sky’s the limit here.

Happy 18th birthday to CC Sabathia’s son (and future Yankees star?) Carsten Sabathia III.

In case you’re not familiar with the work of Sabathia’s powerhouse son who goes yard at will, he’s an infielder with a power bat that evokes his pops’ best days in Milwaukee.

(For interested parties, CC spoke with this article’s author about his son’s exploits on his podcast, SportFire).

This whirlwind year has mostly been spent at showcase events, where CC has been joined on the circuit by ex-teammate Andruw Jones, whose son Druw is committed to Vanderbilt next year. Along with Carl Crawford’s son Justin, the three have formed quite the talented trio — in fact, we’re worried that their bloodlines will lead them to the Toronto Blue Jays in a few years.

Isn’t that where all the sons inevitably go?

Happy birthday to Carsten III, whose best days are still very much ahead of him on the diamond.

We can’t wait to see where he ends up, as well as where some of these home run balls land.