Yankees: CC Sabathia’s son shows skills at Perfect Game All-American Classic


With a name like “Sabathia,” it’s got to be good.

Though Yankees ace CC retired following the 2019 season, his son Carsten III has given us plenty of reminders in recent weeks that time is a construct, and can zoom by with a flick of the wrist.

Remember when it was common knowledge that the power lefty had an adorable son named “Little C”? Now, he’s not even remotely little. He is, in fact, bashing baseballs in several national showcase games for high school superstars, and made quite the statement at the Perfect Game All-American Classic in San Diego on Sunday night.

No wonder, according to Peter Gammons, that programs across the country up to and including Harvard are chasing his services.

In Sunday’s contest, the younger Sabathia — who, spoiler alert, is


a pitcher — showed off impressive athleticism in all facets of the game (again, except pitching).

His pops could do a lot of things, but could you ever imagine him completing a headlong dive at first base?

Yankees legend CC Sabathia’s son Carsten dominated the Perfect Game All-American Classic.

With regret, we don’t have any in-game footage of the younger Sabathia rocketing a line-drive single or barreling a ball into the gap because … his West team was no-hit during this contest.

Also … why is he on the “West” team? He’s spent his adolescent years in New Jersey? Is this because CC’s from Vallejo? We have myriad questions. We’re just trying to save the kid from no-hit history retroactively.

While the power might not have translated in-game, we were given some BP footage that shows exactly how impressive the kid has become. Watch “Little C” take aim at the literal Western Metal Supply Building.

Kid’s got BARS.

Sabathia probably feels at home on this high school All-Star circuit because he’s not even close to the only participant with big-league bloodlines.

He’s been touring the country (and the Yankees locker room) for years with Druw Jones, the slugging son of Andruw Jones, who’s committed to Vanderbilt already.

Speedy outfielder Justin Crawford walked in this game, then stole second and third … but of course he did, because his dad’s Carl Crawford. Clearly, he takes after his Rays dad, not his Red Sox dad.

And, for good measure, many of the eyes in this one were likely on Elijah Green, the nation’s top-ranked talent and someone who’s widely viewed as generational.

Anywhere Sabathia can go “under the radar” while smashing big-league bombs off the building in left at Petco is probably his happy place. We can’t wait to see what college snags his services.