Yankees: CC Sabathia’s 17-year-old son is huge and mashes baseballs


Retired Yankees ace CC Sabathia’s son is a 17-year-old slugger. Yes, Carsten Sabathia III aka Little C can really play this game.

Breathe deeply and try to forget about how time passes for a second. Did it work? Ahh, it never works. But for Yankees fans, there may be no starker reminder of how the clock always marches forward than CC Sabathia and his family.

12 years ago when Sabathia arrived in pinstripes for his introductory press conference, he bounced Carsten Sabathia III, a five-year-old, on his knee. The youngster has affectionately been known as “Little C” because he was, uh, little, and that’s what you call small people.

Now? That little man has gone through a growth spurt and a half, and you could even sell me on potentially 1.75 growth spurts. Sabathia III is 17, a prospect in his own right, and he’s got quite the vicious right-handed swing.

If we get another Sabathia in Major League Baseballand he gets to play offense full time, pops might honestly get jealous.

The one thing the Yankees and the entire baseball world lost when they poached Sabathia from the Brewers after the 2008 season was the regular occurrence of Daddy Hacks for the big man. You could almost taste the anticipation in the air when the Yankees would travel to a National League ballpark and Sabathia would get one or two chances per game to swing so hard he’d rip a lat muscle off his sternum.

The chance to live vicariously through his son in the box? There are massive pros and cons to pursuing a career in this fickle game, but that’d be a jumbo-sized pro.

And peep Sabathia’s counterpart in these photos — hey, that’s Andruw Jones Jr., fellow member of the Class of 2022!


That 2011 Yankees locker room, man. Just an incubator for soon-to-be talented kids.

According to Sports Recruits, the younger Sabathia is currently 6-3, 205 pounds, and slotting in at both first and third base for Bergen Catholic High School in New Jersey.

Probably worth getting out there for a game when this current climate changes to get a glimpse of the big man — oh, and his famous dad, also.