Yankees: Rockies owner’s DJ LeMahieu comments further prove Colorado is a disaster


Before the Yankees get back to (hopefully) plundering the Rockies for spare parts, it’s a good time for us to pause and reflect on just how sad this team’s ownership group has become.

Once a playoff team two long years ago, featuring Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story in their primes, owner Dick Monfort and GM Jeff Bridich are now paying Arenado to play in St. Louis more money than they’ve paid a single free agent in recent years.

And yet, they refuse to call this a full-scale teardown. Instead, they’d rather you call it a half-scale suckfest?

We’re not sure how we got here, but the Rockies are now a carcass from which intriguing pieces can be plucked, and the team’s owner and GM hopped on a Zoom on Tuesday mostly to … bemoan bygone days.

On Tuesday, though, Monfort decided to use his Arenado press conference to make amends for, well … everything he regrets about his recent tenure in Colorado, and it turns out he believes he might’ve goofed on the whole DJ LeMahieu thing.

Oh, you want your top-three MVP finisher back? Yeah, that might help the rebuild!

Or can we call it that? Because, not sure if you heard, but Trevor Story will be in Colorado’s Opening Day lineup if Bridich and Monfort can hold a promise for two full months.

At the time of LeMahieu’s arrival to the Yankees, we weren’t aware of a power struggle in Colorado regarding whether or not to keep him. Frankly, we were more cued into the Manny Machado negotiations at the time. Apparently, though, Monfort now believes he could’ve ponied up the measly $12 million annually to keep him in place, which might’ve prevented this whole sad spiral.

And if there’s anyone to blame? It’s him. In fact, he’d fire himself if he could. Just pick himself up by the collar and give himself the ol’ heave-ho onto the frozen sidewalk.

Maybe he … should fire himself? He seems ill-equipped to run a Major League Baseball team, and also entirely disinterested.

For what it’s worth, Bridich also had similarly existential things to say about the incorrect path he’d traveled over the past few years, taking time on the call to pontificate on what it means to be human.

Great. Love can power a wonder wheel. Why are you trading your franchise player?!

Perhaps Colorado’s demise all began when they let the Yankees swoop in and add LeMahieu, though, which is something we can all take pride in — until we run into the Cardinals in the World Series, that is.