Yankees: Latest ‘Baseball America’ Jasson Dominguez report is special

New York Yankees batting helmet - (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Yankees batting helmet - (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Jasson Dominguez hasn’t even debuted in the Yankees’ minor-league system yet, and he’s already one of the game’s most special hitters.

Even though he has yet to debut in pinstripes, or come anywhere close to doing so, Yankees fans should probably get excited about Jasson Dominguez at this point.

What’s that? They have been? They’ve been absolutely freaking out for years? Got it.

Dominguez moved up five spots this week (from No. 38 to No. 33) on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect rankings, despite the cancellation of the minor-league season “stunting” his development.

He was the highest of three Yankees honorees, ranking ahead of Clarke Schmidt and Deivi Garcia, but it’s BA’s assessment of his tools that really got our attention.

According to the preeminent scouting publication, Dominguez and No. 2 overall pick Bobby Witt Jr. rank as the most impressive natural hitters in all of minor-league baseball. They’re the only two names with a natural hit tool of 60 or above in every aspect, from contact to power and beyond.


Simply put, the teenage Dominguez does it all in a manner very few people are capable of.

As for the pitchers? Garcia’s 2020 Major League performance — without anything to compare his surge to at the minor-league level, of course — led to him flip-flopping Schmidt, who outranked him in last year’s Top 100.

Both men seem likely to be cornerstones of the next, great Yankees rotation, though — or the next great trade package, at least, if anything ever materializes.

For nearly a decade now, the Yankees have done an exceptional job of balancing their desire to win now with their continued development at the minor-league level.

The international free agent acquisition of Dominguez may be their brightest accomplishment yet, and it has only begun to pay dividends.

Of course, accolades are only worthwhile if they translate to on-field performance. We’ll just keep waiting patiently for Dominguez’s career to get started stateside.