Yankees: Jasson Dominguez shows off crazy exit velo in new cage session

New York Yankees helmet - (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
New York Yankees helmet - (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** /

17-year-old New York Yankees star Jasson Dominguez rocketed the baseball in his latest batting cage session.

New York Yankees fans cannot get enough Jasson Dominguez highlights this offseason, and with good reason.

After all, the 17-year-old missed out on his first professional season in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic wiped out the minor leagues entirely. Therefore, we haven’t gotten a chance to witness even a smidgen of game action from the farm system’s most important asset, and he’s probably as antsy as we are.

The kid’s latest cage session serves as more evidence that he’s raring to go.

The prospect of Dominguez joining a high exit velocity outfield with Aaron Judge and (DH) Giancarlo Stanton is drool-worthy, and this new video of the kid (who, we cannot stress this enough, is 17) will have you itching for him to fit in.

Yup, that’s 104 MPH flashing on the first rip off Dominguez’s bat. Pretty impressive!

But wait, you might ask yourself. Don’t Stanton and Judge usually flirt with 120? Sure! But this is Dominguez flat-footed in a cage, not attacking a 99 MPH Craig Kimbrel fastball. And even so, 100+ is pretty impressive in any capacity for a teenager!

Until we see Dominguez in action over the course of several years, his ridiculously high ceiling is going to be described in unbelievable terms. But we’d rather have the Mickey Mantle/Bo Jackson/Mike Trout hybrid in our farm system than someone else’s right? Right.

Dominguez is a phenom with an unmatched pedigree. It’s OK to both be skeptical of his long-term development (prospects are weird!) and in awe of what he’s doing right in front of our faces.

Now, if we could just get this pesky little pandemic sorted out and start the minor-league season we were supposed to experience last year, that’d be great.

Every month that goes by without Dominguez in game action is inherently a harmful one.