Yankees: Jasson Dominguez hits harder than 17-year-old should in new video

New York Yankees hat at 2020 Spring Training (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Yankees hat at 2020 Spring Training (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Yankees super prospect Jasson Dominguez hits the ball VERY hard at 17.

We’re done analyzing Yankees super prospect Jasson Dominguez’s many talents. Now, it’s time to simply sit back in awe as he gets older and, yes, quite likely even better.

Right now, Dominguez is 17 years old, and hasn’t played a professional game in the Yankees’ organization due to the 2020 COVID shutdown. But he’s still getting the work in, even though his talents appear to come extremely naturally.

We can’t afford another year without minor-league baseball, though, so somehow, some way, Dominguez will be making his way to the field in 2021 — probably in the Hudson Valley?

In preparation, he’s back home absolutely jacking line drives off a pitching machine. You know how it’s quite difficult to post, say, a 115+ exit velocity off a 95 MPH fastball? Like, that’s an extremely impressive skill a select few have? Dominguez, apparently, can crush 108 MPH off a pitching machine’s offering with very little oomph behind it.

He’s supplying all the power here, and it’s working.


When you were 17, were you doing anything like this? I was, but, like, most weren’t and I get that.

If you want to make a quick investment in Dominguez before he takes the field for an official game, may I recommend the Bowman Chrome rookie card? And if you want to prepare yourself for his role in the Yankees’ future, maybe watch “Rookie of the Year” about the kid with the robot arm? His swing is very much robot arm-esque in that it should not be possible.


His timing could not be more perfect, either. With Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier locked up for the foreseeable future, Dominguez will age into his role and arrive pretty much exactly at the point that is not foreseeable.

He’s nearly untouchable in trade talks, and that’s the way we like it.

In the meantime, please keep these videos coming. It’s been a very long offseason, and the crack of the bat is the only thing keeping us awake.