Latest Jasson Dominguez video really makes you wonder if he’s human


Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez just … isn’t real.

At this point, New York Yankees prospect Jasson Dominguez just feels like the subject of a folktale. We have yet to see him in person, he’s yet to play a game as a member of the organization (in the international, minor or major leagues), and his nickname is “The Martian.”

Every time we see the 17-year-old (and it’s sparingly) is through clips on social media in which he’s mashing home runs or working out like a maniac. Even in those instances, we’re like, “There’s no way this dude is still a teenager. Can’t be.”

Well, in case you needed to feel even more shocked in that regard, here’s a video of Dominguez up close taking some BP. Seriously, what/who is this?

At the very least, that’s JJ Watt practicing hitting baseballs. At best, it’s a robot that was perfectly constructed in a laboratory. In the middle? It’s a Monstar. And apparently this guy can play the outfield? Does he just stand in center field, manage to cover all three positions, and watch balls fly into his glove?

No wonder people have been talking about his future Yankees debut for what feels like years now. The kid is working this hard at such a young age with the goal of becoming the best player in baseball. We’re not even blowing smoke up his rear end, but seriously, is Bryce Harper the last wunderkind we’ve seen preparing like this/garnering exponential hype?

The Yankees have a looong to-do list this offseason, but we think if we’re going to give general manager Brian Cashman any advice, it’s going to be not to worry about acquiring another outfielder for the long-term, even if there are trades made to create vacancies.

Dominguez might be ready the second he swings a bat in the minor leagues. At that point, it’ll probably be the Yankees just saying, “Alright, he got the one test at-bat he needed, let’s bring him up.”