Yankees: Jasson Dominguez highlight proves his HRs just sound different

New York Yankees batting helmet - (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Yankees batting helmet - (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees super prospect Jasson Dominguez posted another batting practice session this week.

Seventeen-year-old Yankees wunderkind Jasson Dominguez is unlike any outfielder we’ve ever seen at his age (or any age).

Don’t believe us? Just check out the new highlight reel that Dominguez posted, close your eyes, and try to identify what type of sound you’re hearing.

Is that a cap gun shooting at a ceramic plate from close range? Perhaps what you’re hearing is a pistol going off into a megaphone? No, that’s just Dominguez’s bat, turning a baseball into a meteor at rapid speed. This home run is a thing of beauty, and this human being is 17.


Unsigned top prospects, take note: If you make the right decision, you could be playing with Dominguez someday!

The Yankees’ roster is pretty confusing these days, and you’ll start bending your brain into big, thick knots if you start worrying far enough down the line about how they can fit Dominguez into the plan.

But that’s tomorrow’s problem. This Martian somehow hasn’t played a single inning of professional baseball yet (thanks so much, coronavirus-related minor league shutdown!), and is instead out here in the lab working on his craft all alone.

And by “working on his craft,” we mean somehow piling more muscles on his obscene body.

Hey, have you seen him flipping a gigantic tire yet? Please, enjoy Dominguez flipping a gigantic tire!

2020 was a season unlike any other, and featured plenty of MLB debuts that took place well ahead of schedule. The Yankees certainly didn’t expect to utilize Deivi Garcia as a key rotation piece this year. Heck, Tampa Bay’s Jasson Dominguez-type prospect Wander Franco just might make his MLB debut in the World Series.

It’s not Dominguez’s time just yet, but as a counterpoint, you won’t be able to keep a bat this explosive down forever, and the minor-league landscape is more uncertain than ever. This incredible talent has to find his way into games next year. No exceptions.