Yankees: ‘Mutual interest’ between Mets and DJ LeMahieu is nightmare fuel


The Mets and Yankees star DJ LeMahieu have mutual interest, which is bad.

The Yankees and DJ LeMahieu have had their eyes locked for over two months now.

And, as likely as he is to return to the Bronx (still…still pretty likely, right?), there’s at least a chance that the two-time MVP finalist might take his hatred of the stagnant 2020-21 offseason out on the team he made it fairly clear he wanted to return to.

Every day it doesn’t happen, the likelihood of a reunion gets lower.

And every time another franchise finds a few extra million dollars in its pocket, LeMahieu’s eyes will likely start to deviate a little more away from a fixed midpoint.

So, with all that in mind…it was fairly infuriating to find out that Steve Cohen’s Mets and the free agent infielder had “mutual interest” on Tuesday, no matter how unlikely a deal between them still remains, and how little talks have progressed.

At what point will the Yankees…wake up? Is this that point? Don’t bid against yourselves, by any means, but also maybe…bid against yourselves a little bit? You have a surplus of cash, and you have to move on to other needs.

We still contend that Springer to the Mets and Jeff McNeil back to second base on a more permanent basis would be the most natural over-the-tax-threshold move for Cohen, but also, we’re a little bit biased here.

More than a little bit, actually.

Keep in mind, too, that if you’ve convinced yourself LeMahieu won’t be a Met because of their current payroll, there’s a way out of that conundrum, too.

If the Mets make some sort of bizarre and out-of-character cost-cutting splash in the next few days, it would be fair for Yankees fans to up their levels of LeMahieu Concern significantly.

That, or George Springer’s coming to town…which would open up Toronto as a clear LeMahieu fit.

Either way, not so fun.