Yankees Podcast: A DJ LeMahieu rumors therapy session


The Yanks Go Yard Podcast aims to help Yankees fans with their DJ LeMahieu anxiety.

New York Yankees fans are having a tough offseason worrying about DJ LeMahieu rumors and it got worse this week. Adam and Thomas can help.

According to Sunday night’s update, LeMahieu is getting frustrated with the Yankees’ “slow play” (aren’t we all!) and has asked his agent to re-engage with every team that’s ever reached out to him.

First, shouldn’t he have been doing that already?! And second, isn’t this probably coming from the agent’s side of things?

And third…is it ok to just emotionally say we want LeMahieu back? Can we be mad at everyone all at once?!

Let it out, Yankees fans. The Yanks Go Yard Podcast has got your back. Listen below, and subscribe here/give us a five-star review with a mailbag question if you’d like!

Maybe it’ll bring DJ back sooner. Maybe.