Yankees: CC Sabathia’s family Christmas card is a literal masterpiece


If you can, you should get on former Yankees ace CC Sabathia’s Christmas Card list.

It’s a very special time of year for all Americans, whether you worship or not. But enough about waiting for DJ LeMahieu to re-sign with the Yankees.

This Christmas is unlike any other we’ve ever shared, in that most folks have been encouraged to stay home and not break the walls of their pods in order to curb the spread of a virus we’d never heard of when 2019 ended. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up all semblance of normalcy.

Holiday meals will still be shared (in slightly more private fashion). Presents will still be exchanged. Some presents will still be disappointing because your parents slightly misheard your request. And families that haven’t spoken since the previous Christmas will send each other boilerplate cards, most of which feature photos of their red-cheeked kids and a braggadocious letter detailing all their accomplishments (“Larry made partner! Aidan ate a stick!”).

But CC Sabathia’s family Christmas cards are simply built different, and they always have been. In case you thought CC, Amber and the fam would take a year off (because 2020) and just mail it in this year, you are sorely mistaken.

What’s your favorite part? I’m partial to the CC beard, but I’d accept other answers — except for I might not accept other answers.

Oh, and in case you thought it couldn’t get more impressive…that’s not all Photoshop. That’s makeup.

This one is oddly appropriate for this particular year. After all, “Lil’ C” has been sprouting like a weed, and is now a polished high school power hitter in his own regard. It might not be long before we see him on the national stage, and these Christmas cards become all the more important/show up on an occasional World Series graphic to troll the kiddo.

Would you like more evidence from the past that proves the Sabathias reign supreme in this department? Sure. Happy to oblige. The family’s 2017 edition was a real whirlwind.

A literal View-Master. Come on now. More like Christmas Card Sabathia, am I right? What’s that? I’m wrong? Yeah, for sure.

We’ll be waiting patiently until next year, when the 2021 edition of this card drops and hopefully features some extra space for the World Series trophy.