Yankees: CC Sabathia throwing BP to his beastly son is awesome


Former Yankees ace CC Sabathia is back to throwing BP to his slugging boy.

When the 2020 season was officially announced, the Yankees got a little bit of false hope that their lefty leader, CC Sabathiamight be interested in returning as a bullpen piece.

Unfortunately, his postseason shoulder injury proved to be enough of a deterrent that it got his comeback off the tracks before it ever really began.

In the wake of his retirement becoming officially official, Sabathia played the role of superstar dad, doing more than possibly anyone else in the sports media landscape. Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco’s R2C2 podcast moved to the Bill Simmons Ringer network, he designed and marketed a Negro League clothing set with Roots of Flight, he spearheaded the Players Alliance to band the league’s African-American players together to help out communities across the country, and he even found time to protest with his family in the name of justice.

In the meantime, I baked exactly one loaf of sourdough bread.

But not only was this a big year for the eldest Sabathia, but his 17-year-old son CC Sabathia III has established himself on the prospect map, too. The slugger is moving up draft boards alongside Andruw Jones’ son (bizarre), and the big man is now healthy enough to throw BP to the next generation.


We’re sure his son knows this by now, but getting drilled by CC Sabathia is a badge of honor. Even David Ortiz had to tip his cap back in the day.

Of course, this probably won’t be the only inspirational Sabathia-related footage you watch this month — the left-hander’s HBO Sports documentary is dropping at the end of the month, and it looks incredible.


2020 set the tone for an amazing post-career run for Sabathia, though there may very well be another generation of the bloodline in the big leagues by mid-decade.

Hopefully, he also picks up the mantle where his dad left off and advocates for those less fortunate.