Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s very exclusive club

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 6: Manager Aaron Boone
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 6: Manager Aaron Boone /

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is a member of a club that is more exclusive than the United States Senate. There are just 30 MLB managerial jobs in all the world and Boone has one of them. Do you think they have each other’s backs?

Will Aaron Boone ever ask an umpire to check the spinning baseball’s thrown by any one of the Yankees opposing pitchers, or will he continue blowing bubbles and play the monkeys that “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil”? My guess is not very likely and especially Astro hurlers.

My guess is that we’ll see no such thing, especially when it comes to Astros hurlers.

Indians right-hander Trevor Bauer followed up his charges with an orchestrated and organized tweet yesterday. Now Bauer says he is not accusing anyone of cheating. Instead, that Houston’s pitchers are using illegal substances — or what we call “doctoring the baseball” and not getting caught. To me, that’s still called cheating!

Here are excerpts from Bauer’s tweet:

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"Regarding the Astros, I think they do a great job of player development. I have no accusations against them at all. I never made any. And I am not accusing them of cheating. That being said, there is a problem in baseball right now that has to do with sticky substances and spin rates. We might not have had the technology before to measure how sticky stuff affects the ball, how it spins, how it moves. But all that research is clear now. We know how it affects spin rate and we know how spin rate affects the outcomes and pitches and movements that have a big difference in a game, a season and each individual player’s career. And it’s my opinion that it is the same argument that was used when steroids were going on in the game. If you just look the other way and you let some people do it, the people who chose not to are at a competitive disadvantage. And that whats going on right now.Meanwhile while I can’t use the stuff so I can pitch for my team in the postseason, you have guys using sticky stuff every single time they pitch increasing their spin rate 200-300 rpm and have a massive competitive advantage."

I omitted the parts that are not relevant to this piece, but you may read the entire tweet by clicking on this link.

Boone may not know how to manage a baseball team, but he is no fool

Boone is a full-fledged member of  “the old boy” system. He is not going to be an outcast from his “managers club” for going after a frat member for anyone, except his puppeteer Brian Cashman.

Folks, it’s not going to matter if any Astros pitcher throws a perfect game against the Yankees while spreading Vaseline on a baseball as if it had a severe diaper rash. Boone’s not going to complain or even admit to seeing it.

Baseball is America’s National Pastime and a protected sport. The owners have their own clique, the GM’s have one and the managers club all have something in common. They have a membership of just 30.

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A.J. Hinch is a mentor and longtime friend of Aaron Boone; they are both members of one of the most exclusive clubs in the world and they all have each other’s backs.