Yankees: Can Aaron Boone win a World Series in his rookie year?

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 6: Manager Aaron Boone
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 6: Manager Aaron Boone /

Since only four managers have ever won a World Series in their first season, the odds are against Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Nonetheless, only one of these men managed the Yanks.

If you said the first manager of an MLB team to win a World Series was a manager of a Yankees team, you were wrong. It was Bucky Harris as player/manager of the Washington Senators in 1924.

Harris played most of his career as a second baseman with the Senators (1919–28). In 1924, he was named player/manager; at the age of 27, he was the youngest manager in the majors. Nicknamed the

Nicknamed the Boy Wonder, he won the Senators only World Series title that year against the New York Giants. Harris was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1975.

The second skipper to win on his maiden voyage was also not a member of the Yankees, but he did beat the arch-rival Boston Red Sox in the 1946 World Series. It was Eddie Dyer for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dyer played six seasons as an outfielder and pitcher with St. Louis under famed manager Roger Hornsby. It was rumored that the two did not see eye to eye.

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According to one account reported in Wikipedia:

"Dyer told Hornsby, “I’ll never play on this club as long as you’re the manager.” That earned him a return ticket to Syracuse in 1926, while the Cardinals won their first World Championship."

If you picked the third rookie manager to be a member of the Yankees, you’d have won the jackpot. It was Ralph Houk that led the 1961 Bombers to beat the Cincinnati Reds. There are similarities between Boone and Houk. Both played for the team they eventually managed, and both were seen as players managers.

Houk, a WWII hero, played eight seasons under Yankee manager, Casey Stengel, between 1947- 1954. The stark difference between Houk and Boone is that Houk had extensive managerial experience by the time he got the helm of the Yanks.

That experience showed up when he won the championship again in 1962 against the Pittsburgh Pirates and paid another visit to the series in 1963; however, losing in four straight to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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The last manager to accomplish this impressive feat was Bob Brenly of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001. And yes, it was connected to the Yankees as the D’backs beat the Bombers in seven grueling games.

Brenly spent parts of nine years as a backup catcher with the Giants before retiring in 1989 and then becoming a coach, first under Roger Craig, and then Dusty Baker.

Therefore, Boone would be the first skipper in modern baseball history to raise the World Series trophy with zero coaching experience. Naturally, Yankees’ fans hope for this to come to fruition, even if the odds are currently stacked against Bob’s son.