Aaron Judge’s ‘breadcrumbs’ showed he was never leaving Yankees, has more moves in mind


Aaron Judge being named the 16th captain of the New York Yankees on Wednesday felt like a massive release after a tension-filled month of arson.

According to the man himself, though, things never actually got that dicey. In fact, he spent the entire year trying to scream that he’d be a Yankee for Life, even as fans and the media strained themselves to reinterpret his words into a cry for help.

Remember when he wore a “New York or Nowhere” sweatshirt? That seemed pretty obvious. How about when he kissed the Yankees logo after homering during the ALDS? Still not clear enough for some people? What about when he repeatedly said he wanted to be a Yankee for life during the season? Like, out loud?

Judge played his free agency perfectly, especially for someone who was so obviously interested in finding an eventual midpoint with the Yankees to continue building his legacy. He left Aaron Boone and Co. panicked and in the lurch during the Tuesday night before he agreed to a new deal. He created uncertainty where there was none.

That said, the Yankees right fielder made it clear to Michael Kay and Meredith Marakovits at Wednesday’s presser that he wasn’t doing a great job of hiding his ultimate goal midseason.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge hints at more bullpen moves

The whole loaf huh, man? Well, you sure obscured the loaf when you told TIME Magazine you were angry at Brian Cashman and always dreamed of joining the Giants!

Water under the bridge now, because Judge played this masterfully, but it turns out his endgame was always hiding in plain sight.

That’s why fans should also take the rest of Judge’s comments seriously, and at face value.

When he says he wants to be a Yankee for life, he’s not lying. And when he says the Yankees will “probably add a couple more” bullpen arms, he’s not talking out of his rear end, either.

Now that the Judge Domino has fallen, and the Rodón Domino drops Thursday (with a DFA or trade coming), it’s time for Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman to find a left fielder and a few flamethrowers to fulfill their promise.

Steinbrenner, too, promised he wasn’t done on Wednesday at the presser, the same sentiment he expressed during the Judge chase (and before Rodón). He’s already kept that pledge to Judge, and maybe after a full year of the Yankees (and their captain) saying exactly what they mean, we should believe him.