Yankees outfield is crowded; what to do?

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Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury

Well, since both Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury are left-handed, the only other position which they should play, if any at all, would be first base. But something tells me that the two of them should stay in the outfield.

Being smaller, faster guys, both Gardner and Ellsbury seem to be the perfect fit as outfielders. To top that off, having each won a Gold Glove Award for their outfield work, Gardner and Ellsbury were seen at one point as being within the top three of defensive outfielders in a season.

For these reasons as well as any others I am sure you can think of, Gardner and Ellsbury should stay in the outfield.

So where does that leave us now? Well, we still have to look at the twin towers of Judge and Stanton, as well as the young Clint Frazier and the record holder for the fastest throw from an outfielder, Aaron Hicks.

Being that Hicks saved 15 runs last season in just 88 games, he seems to be a sound option in the outfield. Not to mention those 15 runs came in eighth in MLB of all outfielders, Mookie Betts coming in first with 31 defensive runs saved.

But do not overlook the uber-athletic Hicks, as he averages almost the same number of runs saved on defense per game as Betts.