Yankees potential trades with Pirates and Diamondbacks take shape

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Can I get just one of these contracts in my stocking?

If the Yankees can make this deal soon, they can then pivot to the Diamondbacks. At a minimum, they will have to take on all of Greinke’s contract. This they would want to partially off-set by having Arizona take Jake’s deal. And that would have a huge impact on Arizona.

Ellsbury has three years left, Greinke four. So, the swap would not only result in Arizona saving $10 to 12 million a year for the next three years, but also saving $35 million in the final year. That’s a grand total of at least $65-70 million in savings over their next four years. That sounds like a J.D. Martinez contract.

The Yankees would be similarly rewarded. Jake is being paid more than $20 million a year to sit on the bench. The Yanks are far better off paying Greinke more than $30 million a year to be a frontline starter instead.

Sometimes you have to sink more into an investment in order to get a return. It’s not ideal, but the Yankees have to turn Ellsbury’s money into production on the field.

The players might also enjoy the trade. Ellsbury is playing hardball by announcing in the press how much he loves New York. Arizona, however, might be an acceptable landing spot. Ells, like my wife, is Navajo. And while Phoenix is not exactly the heart of Navajo Nation, it’s a lot closer than the Bronx. And a short drive to the reservation in New Mexico.

I can’t imagine any fan base feeling more affection for the oft-injured, under-performing player.