Yankees potential trades with Pirates and Diamondbacks take shape

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Miracle on 161’st Street

Greinke might be another matter. He is said to disdain the big cities. And he has some no-trade power. That is the real sticking point and might make a team like the Rangers more likely to acquire him. But it is difficult to know how deeply felt his convictions.

After all, he played in Los Angeles and never went full Ricky Williams. The Yankees seem to view it as a concern, not a deal breaker. Besides, anyone, that sensitive must want to leave a place he is no longer wanted. And New York can be tough, but it also shows the most love to its players.

If Greinke is amenable, the Yanks could afford to swap contracts, take Drury, and kick in a few million more to sweeten the pot. One insider estimates the Yankees could go as high as $18 million for the two, $10 million for the difference in the two big contracts plus four or five more of Ellsbury’s.

Which also means the Yankees would still have top prospects in the system.

That seems to be where we stand. The first domino for the Yankees is Cole. That deal should get done soon. Cash is getting more anxious by the moment, though, as he cannot present a serious offer for Greinke until he knows he has a free pitcher.

Arizona, meanwhile, wants to see if the Yanks have more money to give, but know that J.D. can’t wait forever.

So, if the Rangers don’t trade for Greinke, Cashman will. If that is off the table, the Yankees will use more of their farm system to get either Corbin or one of the other remaining arms.

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Obviously, that would be a last resort as the combination of Ellsbury’s full contract and a top starting pitcher is less than optimum. But, needs must as the devil drives.

And it’s all happening soon, probably before Christmas. If the Yankees get everything they wish for, it might mean Greinke and Cole arrive, while Ellsbury leaves. Plus, the Red Sox would lose out on adding the impact power bat they desperately need.

Wow, that really would be a Brian Cashman Christmas miracle.