Yankees potential trades with Pirates and Diamondbacks take shape

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Oh, ho yes!

First, they have set aside the idea of a mega-deal that would bring Greinke, Corbin and Drury to the Bronx. That would add too much payroll. Especially because Cashman is smart enough to keep a few million for help at the trade deadline.

And Arizona is not that interested in prospects. They saw how a dynamic offensive player can carry a team and inspire a community; they want money for Martinez. Yes, they want one or two choice prospects, but the return Miami got for Ozuna would not be required.

That means the Yankees need to get a starting pitcher for no money to save for this deal. Fortunately, the Stanton trade is the gift that keeps on giving: It made Clint Frazier superfluous. That’s especially true as the far superior Estevan Florial will be ready when Aaron Hicks departs in two years.

Enter starting pitcher Gerrit Cole and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Cole is on the move and the Pirates want prospects, especially as they assume current outfielder Andrew McCutcheon will be gone after the 2018 season. That makes acquiring Frazier an ideal solution.

But whereas the two teams might have swapped them almost straight up, now the Yankees are asking the Pirates to pay Cole’s small salary. The Pirates seem amenable but of course, want more prospect compensation. With every tick of the clock and free agent signing, the Pirates hold a better hand.

That seems to be where the two teams are right now. Ostensibly, everything else will shake out after that.