Yankees doubleheader today and I’m psyched to be there

Jordan Montgomery (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Jordan Montgomery (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

The Yankees are playing one of those old fashion doubleheaders today, and I’ll be there in Section 124 Row 2 Seat 13 rooting them on. Psyched isn’t the word to describe what I’m feeling and here’s why.

The Yankees play in a venue that’s only ninety minutes from my home in Catskill, New York. You would think that puts me in range to attend at least a handful of games over the course of a season. Regrettably, it doesn’t, and this is the only game I’ll see in person this season.

Four hundred and fifty dollars is my estimate of what I’ll spend today for the privilege of watching the team I love playing an old fashioned doubleheader, with no split admissions, due to the rainout last night against Cleveland.

Most of that money ($300) is tied up in the ticket I purchased in what the Yankees call their “resale” market. That market is extended to stockbrokers, money managers, and the like to buy choice season tickets instead of burning the money.

Of the 81 games, the Yankees play at the stadium; they might attend a handful. With the rest, they sell them to idiots like me for a profit that generates enough money to do the same thing next season, only for free.

But I don’t care. If I’m going to see my Yankees play, I’m going to do it in style. So that how I wind up today, as you read this, sitting two rows directly behind the Indians dugout. Why not the Yankees dugout? This way I can see what’s going on in their dugout.

My seat is one of those cushioned blue seats, and I’ll never have to leave it unless I choose to. There will be a la carte food and beverage service I can order from my iPhone, and in case it rains again, I’m sure they’d find me a raincoat too.

Only first class, the Yankees way.

Yankees management genius

What intrigues me about today’s games, though, is when I checked the Yankees ESPN Schedule earlier, I noticed that CC Sabathia had been moved up to face the Red Sox tomorrow instead of pitching today on his normal day in the rotation. Very interesting, and a wise move by the Yankees because it means they’ll have their four best facing the Sox.

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Sonny Gray, Masahiro Tanaka, and Luis Severino will compliment Sabathia, giving the Red Sox something to think about during their flight from Toronto later today.

According to ESPN, Jordan Montgomery will be called up to pitch in the second game today.  Jaime Garcia takes his regular turn in the first game and, hopefully, it will be his last start for the Yankees, but I’ll be rooting for him when he takes the mound today.

And when I see moves like this made by Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi, it reminds why they get paid the big bucks. Pure genius.

Other Yankees news

Aaron Judge has vowed to play in both games, and it looks like Girardi will let him do that. Judge was scheduled yesterday for his second day of meditation by Girardi anyway, so the rainout means he missed only one game, not two. Now, we’ll see if the rest turns into production.

In other Yankees news, the New York Post reports that Todd Frazier will get the nod over Chase Headley when Greg Bird is in the lineup at first base. Girardi, of course, has the option of DH’ing Headley.

The move is unusual in the sense that Frazier’s numbers are God-awful ugly when compared with Headley’s. Frazier does have that pop in his bat, though, and the three run home run is always a team’s best friend. Nothing is written in stone, though, and if Headley continues with his hot hitting when he plays, Girardi will rethink and go with the hot hand.

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There is still no word on the status of the appeals made by Gary Sanchez and Austin Romine regarding their impending suspensions. Fingers crossed that there’s a mix-up in paperwork or something at MLB offices, and we won’t know the bad news that they both lost until after the Boston series.

Time to get ready. Oh Geez, what should I wear?