The Yankees 2017 championship hinges on making three key trades today

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The Yankees have made some good trades this summer. But there is only one day left to perhaps add their greatest impact players.

Yankees front office has to be lauded for their trades made so far. The last two weeks, however, have proven there is still more work to do. Yankees fans aren’t worried, though.

First, this is a rebuilding year. There are two or three key players that must come up from the minors—Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, Chance Adams—before their roster is ready to go deep into October. And the Yankees need another ace. Brian will have the cash, man, to bring that player in this winter.

Second, and more importantly, is that Yankees fans are known for their patience. Are you starting to see where this article is going?

But there is still time today to trade for some real impact players. And, like Dorothy, the Yankees need not look any further than their back yard, Queens.

I know you, dear readers, and right now you are thinking, “Hey, what the frig is this friggin’ clown talkin’ about? Da Mets wood never trade wit da friggin’ Yankees? Fuggedaboutit! Dis guys a hack.”

You can tell I read the comments section.

This Article Comes with a Warning

And maybe that’s all true. But the banjo hitters in Queens have gotten worse since the end of July, and the Mets might be more in a mood to make a trade.

The question becomes, how many players worth trading for are there on a team with a record of 57-73? Before the Yankees can answer that question, we must start out with a little background.

Editor’s Note: We at YanksGoYard feel we must warn you about the content contained herein. We have read the comments section and know how some of you feel about these screeds.

This so-called writer is about to really, really pick on the Mets. Seriously. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m a little scared of what I might see. Be aware that some readers might be offended or even disgusted by what they read.

Put it to you this way: If you didn’t like his Bryan Mitchell article, you definitely are not going to like this one. Best to leave your insulting comments now and skip over to this lovely but innocuous piece by me, Steve Contursi.

You have been warned; now back to, whatever the hell this article is about.